The Market Case

Southern Ontario is home to the most diverse populations in the country. Does your company reflect the diversity of your customers and clients in these areas?

  • Immigration accounts for nearly 100% of Canada’s labour force growth. Roughly 75% of Canada’s population growth comes from immigration, mostly in the economic category.
  • Hamilton specifically is one of Canada’s most diverse economies, regularly outpacing national averages
  • One-fourth of Hamilton’s population are immigrants
  • More than 18% of Hamilton’s population identifies as a visible minority
  • About two-thirds of Hamilton’s population growth in recent years comes from immigration. 
  • As older workers shift into retirement, we can expect a much higher proportion of immigrants to be living and working in Hamilton over the coming decade.

The Business Case

Diversity and Inclusion helps companies meet their corporate social responsibilities goals — all while improving their profitability, productivity and public image.

  • Recent studies show that companies with top-team ethnic and cultural diversity were 33% more profitable compared to their less diverse counterparts
  • Inclusion and Diverse workplaces are correlated with increases in employee satisfaction, reduction in workplace conflict and improvements in collaboration and loyalty
  • Millennials have an increased understanding of these benefits, with nearly 47% considering diversity to be a key factor in choosing where they want to work
  • Increasing inclusion and diversity in the workplaces were a top factor in increasing companies positive public image and reputation

The Benefits

Immigrants bring valuable and unique skills, education and experience to our region:

Over 51% of recent immigrants have a university degree compared to 20% of Canadian-born.

Although 23% of Canadians aged between 25 and 64 were born outside Canada, they accounted for nearly one-half (49%) of the doctorate holders in Canada and for 40% of adults with a master’s degree.

Communicating to a diverse client base: More than 70% of immigrants reported a language other than English or French as their mother tongue

Newcomers bring international experience and mindsets which can help diversify and innovate your organization

Combatting Discrimination

Despite the value, education level and experience that newcomers bring to our local economy, many continue to experience employment discrimination in Hamilton. 

  • Among immigrants and racialized respondents in a recent study, 59% had experienced some form of discrimination in Hamilton
  • The most common context of discrimination cited by immigrants and racialized persons in Hamilton was when applying for a job or promotion
  • More than one in four immigrants and racialized persons in Hamilton stated that they had experienced discrimination on the job (for example, from supervisors, co-workers or clients)

From: Discrimination Experienced by Immigrants, Visible Minorities, and Indigenous Peoples in Hamilton

Make a change!

Hiring newcomers in Hamilton makes a difference. Interested in diversifying your organization, connecting with newcomers and organizations in Hamilton?